Each year for Thanksgiving, friends, families, and loved ones come together around the dinner table. But, most of the time the date you brought won’t stick around long enough to be back next year. 
Let’s create a full social campaign to give Ocean Spray a voice to remind people that cranberries have seen it all, and are there to dish out the drama through the chaos of holiday relationships.
To launch, Ocean Spray develops a sticker free for Instagram users to attach to all of their Thanksgiving pictures that include the date that didn’t last.
Instagram Stories
Using user-generated content, Ocean Spray shares how others are taking back control of their Thanksgiving pictures.
Sometimes, we just need an honest second opinion about our partners. Ocean Spray is here to let you know if they are the one or if it's time to cut them loose. 
Ocean Spray takes on TikTok to interact with other people's posts. Any post about dating, good and bad will get an OS comment if the partner is worth the hassle. 

Ocean Spray is “spilling the tea” on the drama that goes down on Thanksgiving day. 
CW: Caidyn Hutchinson

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