Workplaces need to be more inclusive to make people on the queer spectrum feel safe and supported. 
Let’s use LinkedIn’s platform to educate people on the LGBTQ+ experience and set the bar for what it means to truly be an ally.
Open Letter
To launch in May, LinkedIn creates a pop-up on their website with an open letter. We address the issues at hand, rally for action, and call for change starting with LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn hosts a virtual expo in partnership with Google Meet. Through the event, we will connect queer individuals with LGBTQ+ friendly companies for interviews as well as provide entertainment, guest speakers, and build peer connections. 
A series of headshots accompanied by anonymously submitted LGBTQ+ stories will be sent to companies to amplify the voices of their former or current employees whose human rights have been violated while on the clock, and how they were able to find a safer work environment.
Beginning in June, LinkedIn will use its platform to share posts that highlight queer workers through submitted experiences. Along with individual stories, we will have posts of weekly news updates, political and within corporations, to educate our network on what's happening within the queer community and how change is being made to empower others to follow suit.
LinkedIn announces its partnership with the Equality PAC to increase awareness and rally for more contributions in order to close the Ally Gap. 
Equality PAC is an established organization aiming to raise money supporting LGBTQ+ individuals and allies in Congress to make positive changes in the House.
Edelman "Ally Gap" Spec Work
CW: Caidyn Hutchinson, David Knuckles

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