The Flower Child.

When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a frog. 
That obviously didn’t happen but I befriended a lot of frogs, just in case.

In middle school, I wanted to be an artist.
I quickly found out my painting skills are a little too abstract.

Then in high school, all I wanted to do was write.
To which, my parents said, “Good luck with that.”

Does that qualify me as a copywriter?

Throughout all my different phases and interests one thing is always the same. Whatever I'm doing, I'm all in. Whether it’s kissing a few frogs (yes, I said kissing) or writing 100 headlines about a laundry detergent, I put everything I have into it. 
There's this thing called a “work-life balance”, but my work is my life. Writing brings me joy. I know, all copywriters say that, but it's more than that. Getting to write every day makes me feel like I'm exactly where I need to be. I mean, where else would I be able to scroll through Reddit and call it "research"?
All I want to do is make myself proud, do what I love, and defy expectations. 
...and it doesn't hurt that I'd get to tell my parents, “I told you so.”
Let's grow, together.
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